1.3MP 20X ATEX Auto Tracking Explosion Proof PTZ Camera With Infrared Light

1.3MP 20X ATEX Auto Tracking Explosion-proof PTZ Camera With Infrared Lights For Hazardous Area, IP68-Stainless Steel
SS15-IP20 is an auto tracking PTZ type explosion proof camera, which is built into auto focus 720P 20X zoom camera. The Camera housing is made of stainless steel 304 or 316L material and IP68 watherproof rated, special for hazardous area with explosive gas, oil, chemicals and powders.

SS15-IP20 Features

Explosion proof, Auto Tracking, Pan&Tilt design

SS15-IP20  is designed as network 720P 20X PTZ explosion proof camera with wiper system,which can apply for hazardous area, like gas zone 1, gas zone 2, dust zone 21, and dust zone 22. It allows for 360 degree continuous pan rotation and +90 degree to -90 degree tilt camera operations.

IP68 rated, Stainless Steel Pan&Tilt Housing

SS15-Ip20 explosion proof pan&tilt housing is IP68 rated, and its housing material can be madeof stainless steel 304 or 316L. The housing prevents any inside sparks or explosions from escapingand igniting vapors, gases, dust for fibers in the surrouding air.
Network IP Camera 1.3Mega Pixel, 20X Auto Focus

SS15-IP20 is ready to use camera with 720P resolution, 20X auto focus zoom camera.

SS15-IP20  series PTZ explosion proof camera has wiper systems for heavy polluted area. It can be equipped with washing tanker system to get a clearly surveillance video.
Audio, alarm, Fiber output options

SS15-IP20 is available with options of audio output, alarm output or optical fiber output. SAKIA helpyou reap the benefits of the most advanced technologies while taking advantage of your existing technology.
Long Distance Night vision

SS15-HD13 is avaiable with IR Illuminators or the laser lights, which help good vision in dark environment.
Power source input

SS15-Ip20 power input can be AC85-265V or AC24V. Its power kit can also be upgraded as filter power kit, which has good performance of surge protection.

Hazardous area application
Explosion proof camera with wiper system suitable for industry aggressive area, such as off shore& onshore drilling rigs, marine vessel, oil refinery, gas plants, fueling station, paint & parnish manufacturing plants, grain processing industries, fertilizer plants, hospital operating room,wood processing zone,sugar industry,metal surface polishing, especially aluminite powder.



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