The Status of Explosion – proof camera development (2)

  1. Engineering and users of the "explosion" the lack of awareness of the necessity

    SH10 Explosion Proof Camera With Wiper

Explosion-proof cameras are designed to achieve the use of industrial television in the flammable and explosive environment of the development of a special camera. Explosion-proof cameras are currently widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical, coal and scientific research, military and other industrial enterprises or research departments. In the process of experimentation, production, processing, transportation and storage, it is often possible to leak and dissipate a wide range of flammable, explosive gases, liquids and dust and fibers. After mixing such substances with air, Will become prone to the risk of explosion of the mixture, it is also a place around the explosion of dangerous places. So the use of explosion-proof cameras is necessary. These special production if the use of ordinary surveillance cameras, not only did not play a protective monitoring role, but also may cause an explosion, endanger the production safety. Therefore, in those specific production, the existence of explosion-proof cameras is still necessary. So the requirements of explosion-proof equipment manufacturers in the project and the user asked the explosion-proof camera in the specific circumstances, that special installation of the explosion-proof installation of the need to guide the project and users to buy the appropriate explosion-proof products.




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