The Status of Explosion – proof camera development (3)

  1. Explosion-proof camera has a specific use of the environment

    Explosion Proof PTZ Infrared Camera

Explosion-proof cameras are generally not used for civilian monitoring system, civil monitoring system can monitor the general needs of the camera to meet their needs, civilian can not install the explosion-proof performance of the camera, explosion-proof cameras are generally used for the environment more special production, and now the country such as: oil, chemical , Mines, military, medicine, oil depots, ships, drilling platforms, gas stations, fireworks production, food processing and storage widely used. A large part of this particular environment limits the extensive promotion of explosion-proof cameras, in the short term, explosion-proof cameras can not be used in a large number of ordinary production, the need for a gradual acceptance of the process, I believe that as people continue to improve awareness of security, explosion-proof camera In the near future can certainly shine, into the tens of thousands of households.



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