2MP HD Network Mini Explosion Proof Camera For Car Mounted Camera

2MP HD Network Mini Explosion Proof Camera For Car Mounted IP68-Stainless Steel
SY12-HD is developed as economic mini explosion proof camera, which is built into 2MP camera with fixed lens.

The Camera housing is made of stainless steel 316L material and IP68 watherproof rated,

special for hazardous area with explosive gas, oil, chemicals, powders.











SH12-HD Features


Explosion proof, Mini design

SH12-HD is designed as Network 2MP mini explosion proof camera, which can apply for hazardous area, like gas zone 1, gas zone 2, dust zone 21, and dust zone 22.

IP68 rated, Stainless Steel housing

SH12-HD explosion proof camera housing is IP68 rated, and its housing material can be made of stainless steel 304, or 316L. The housing prevents any inside sparks or explosions from escaping and igniting vapors, gases, dust for fibers in the surrouding air.


Onvif Network 2MP Camera

SH12-HD is ready to use camera, composited with 2MP camera and optional lens (6mm, 8mm,12mm).


Adjustable view angle

SH12-HD can be manual adjust to get different view angle. Its vertical view angle is from -75° to +75°.

Power source input

SH12-HD power input can be DC12V. Its power consumption Max is 6W.


Hazardous area application

Mini  2MP HD network explosion proof camera is suitable for industry aggressive area, such as off shore& onshore drilling rigs, marine vessel, oil refinery, gas plants, fueling station, paint & parnishmanufacturing plants, grain processing industries, fertilizer plants, hospital operating room,woodprocessing zone,sugar industry,metal surface polishing, especially aluminite powder.



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      Hello,Sir,I am looking for your entire price list with sample prices and for 100 units per. We have an opportunity to distribute some of your products here to the oilfield in Canada. Look forward to your information