The Status of Explosion – proof camera development (1)

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In order to achieve in the flammable and explosive environment of the application of industrial television monitoring, explosion-proof camera came into being. The initial demand came from coal mines. Especially in the past decade, with the national industrialization process, the demand for explosion-proof requirements to expand to various fields - oil, chemicals, navigation, aerospace, metallurgy, scientific research and military industry and other needs even more, different requirements, more targeted.

China's explosion-proof camera in the development process encountered problems?

  1. The cost of explosion-proof cameras is relatively high

The price of an explosion-proof camera, than with the parameters of the ordinary camera is a big cut. Domestic engineering and users of these high-priced products have not yet a high degree of acceptance, or take time to cultivate and change their consumer attitudes and awareness, which also greatly restricts the popularity of explosion-proof cameras. I learned that the past two or three years, many manufacturers do before the ordinary camera into the field of explosion-proof cameras, most of them in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the explosion-proof camera product management, but also some enterprises in the name of "explosion" under the banner , In the explosion-proof equipment does not have the production and testing capabilities, reduce product standards, so as to impact the market at low cost. Due to part of the project or Party A on the explosion-proof camera is not enough, coupled with some manufacturers confuse the concept of publicity, making some projects to purchase substandard products, serious or even cause adverse consequences, whether it is on the explosion-proof camera manufacturers or Engineering side, are immeasurable losses. According to the cost of explosion-proof cameras, a short period of time can not solve the problem of high prices, in the purchase of explosion-proof camera, although the price to three, but the premise is that the product is certified through safety products, so the project manufacturers in the purchase of explosion-proof products The time can not just look at the price, the purchase of counterfeit security products, industrial production to bring security risks.



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